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Recording of the 2023 Pharmacy Australia Intern Oral Exam Master Class Workshop.

When it comes to the Pharmacy Australia Intern Oral Exam, you only have to pass one exam, but you need the ABILITY to pass a hundred. Why? Because you don’t know if, on exam day, you will get an easy exam or a hard one.

Do not rely on luck. You need a system in place to consistently pass different oral exams. That’s why I have created this master class workshop. It is the only workshop that teaches you how to systematically pass all three parts of your intern oral exam.

The master class will include two brand-new practice exams that are not featured in my book Passing the Pharmacy Australia Intern Oral Exam (or any previous workshops). The questions will be a mixture of original questions created by me and questions based on the previous year’s exam. These practice exams cover all 3 parts (A, B, C) of the pharmacy oral examination and are designed to help you prepare for the pharmacy board exam (Ahpra).


  • x2 full oral exams
  • a system to help you pass part A
  • a roadmap to help you pass part B
  • a more detailed version of the 2022 4-part system to pass part C
  • Bonus: How to do a practice exam yourself.

Total run time: ~2hr 20min

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