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When you’re studying, do you mostly read, highlight and reread? If yes, you are not studying effectively. After watching this recording will learn:

  • the scientific way of studying medicines
  • how to study effectively
  • the techniques of memory champions
  • how to recall the names of every ACE inhibitor

To request this service at your uni, please message us.

This is a pre-recording of the education session Bon Oh (Founder of Memorise Medicine⁣ & Author of “Passing the Pharmacy Australia Intern Oral Exam: The Easy Way”), runs to pharmacy students at universities. If you would like it run at your uni, send us a message.⁣


Last Thursday we had our second education event! It was a massive success! 🌟

A big thank you to Bon, the founder of @memorisemedicine, for running an eye-opening and insightful online education event! Thank you to everyone who attended as well!

It definitely had us reflecting on our current studying habits and how we can improve them to learn more effectively!   Victorian Pharmacy Students’ Association (VPSA)

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