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The 2021 intern workshop had even more content than the 2020 one.

This workshop had a practice intern oral exam – that is NOT in Passing The Pharmacy Australia Intern Oral Exam., The easy way. (2nd edition). This newly written exam covered all 3 parts (A, B, C) of the intern Australia pharmacy oral examination and was designed to help you prepare for the pharmacy board exam (Ahpra).⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

The bonus content includes:

  • x2 different Part C questions, that may have appeared in the mid-year exams
  • x1 New Spot the potential problems (see the first one in this free video).

This workshop has so much content we had to cut out the times where no one was speaking.

Comments from the workshop:

“This event was a great opportunity to practice the format of the exam as well see how other interns tackled the questions. I picked up a few transitional/probing phrases/questions which would help make my questioning more conversational. I really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend this event to every intern.”


“This was very helpful. I will recommend this to the interns for next year at my store.”

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Total Run Time [1:47:37]

Part A: Primary Healthcare [0:01:43]
Part B: Legal and Ethical Practice [0:18:50]
Part C: Problem Solving & Communication [0:38:54]
Research [0:47:40]
Spot the potential problems [1:05:38]
Bonus [1:08:50]
Part A: Bonus OTC [1:11:20]
Part C: Bonus I [1:19:36]
Research [1:22:30]
Part C: Bonus II [1:32:49]
Research [1:37:04]
Question [1:45:42]

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